Mariana Saffon

Mariana Saffon is a Colombian director and screenwriter based in Mexico City, she has directed short films and commercials in Colombia, Mexico, United States and Morocco. She graduated from the MFA in Screenwriting and Film Directing from Columbia University in New York. As a student she received the Milos Forman Scholarship and the Directors Guild of America Student Jury Prize.

Her latest short film “Entre tú y Milagros” won the Orizzonti award for Best Short Film at the 77th Venice International Film Festival and has been awarded at multiple festivals around the world such as the Hamptons International Film Festival, POFF Shorts, TOFFIFEST and Reykjavík. The short film is featured online in The New Yorker Magazine and Criterion Channel.

Mariana is currently in Mexico writing her first feature film “Mar de Leva” which will soon be filmed in Medellín, Colombia.

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Mango / Dynamic Office / Mariana Saffon
J.Crew / Paula Mendoza / Mariana Saffon
Don Julio / Don Julio 1942 / Por Amor (2nd Unit) / Mariana Saffon
Ela Minus / On Close / Mariana Saffon
ePura / Dia a Dia / Mariana Saffon
Cacahuates Karate / Churrumais / Mariana Saffon
Entre Tú y Milagros / Trailer / Mariana Saffon
Sandra Weil / I Hope You Dance / Mariana Saffon
Gabrielle Venguer / Playa / Mariana Saffon